Move over, Clooney. I’ve got a new Kentucky favorite.

I’m not much of a bourbon drinker, preferring to imbibe the poteen of my forebears over ice from time to time. John Jameson, actually a Scot transplanted to Dublin in the late 1700s, was a truly great inventor, and I thank his genius each time I hoist a glass from his still.

The Jameson’s distillery employs such people as a “master of whiskey science” and a “master distiller.” No one ever mentioned such noble careers to me in my high school’s  guidance office 35 years ago. WTF? Admittedly, my chemistry skills were a little lacking. But one can always overcome such limitations.

Now at the risk of sounding like an afternoon regular at the local saloon, I must offer the qualifier: I’m not much of a drinker. Having descended from a long line of successful alcoholics (successful in their alcoholism, not much else), I tend to err on the side of caution. I’m almost always the DD, and that’s how it’s been since the age of 16. I’ve never thrown up from drinking, although I did take down a towel rack in my parent’s house a long time ago (The room was whirling, and I needed something to hold on to). That good girl syndrome just never dies for some of us.

But when I find something worth praise, I like to acknowledge it: a song, a book, a movie, a recipe. Or an alcoholic libation.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale now gives us two things we can thank the Bluegrass State for (The other is George Clooney, duh.).

KBB is served in a snifter (unless you come to my house, in which case you may get it in a juice glass, a martini glass or a coffee cup — whatever is clean and handiest). The alcohol content is about 2-3 times that of a regular beer, thanks to the remnants of bourbon that infiltrate the brew from the barrel it’s stored in. Smooth, rich and clean-tasting. Yum. If I’m going to waste the calories on something other than a hot fudge sundae or pasta, alcohol better be this good.

You won’t find it in the Budweiser price range, but unlike Starbucks, some things are just worth it.


One thought on “Move over, Clooney. I’ve got a new Kentucky favorite.

  1. Now, I am going to have to find me some of that. I was never one for whiskey, although I have always been partial to my native Jack Daniels, even more so when I visited the distillery in 2006 and learned more about the man behind the label.

    My husband and I hope to do a Bourbon Trail tour at some point. But until then, I’ll get some of this and try it.

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