Grr, argh.

I didn’t read comic books as a kid, other than the stray “Archie and Veronica” that the man at the shoestore used to give us with every purchase. So I’m not an expert, not even a dabbler. I never saw the Dark Horse Comics “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series that appeared after the popular television show ended its highly lauded seven-year run. I was content to let Buffy remain in my mind as she was in the final scene, standing with her loyal pals watching the smoldering debris of Spike’s world-saving martyrdom. Fade to cut.
If you followed the poorly contrived spinoff series, “Angel,” Spike apparently wasn’t really a dead immortal, and he bounced back (just when ratings were slipping, of course). And he’s now apparently Buffy’s main life consultant.
According to news stories, comic-book Buffy today finds herself pregnant and has decided, after consultation with Spike, moral authority that he is, to have an abortion.
Why, Joss Whedon, why? What possible agenda is at work here? The slayer didn’t have enough to worry about that you had to throw in a controversial moral issue?
What I loved about BTVS was that the ugly, overacting villains weren’t real. I’ve got enough real in my life, you know? If I want real, I read newspapers. When I want escape, I watch Buffy kick vampire ass.
Vampires, Egyptian mummies, werewolves and other mystic mutants often served as metaphors for other issues in the world, but you could chuckle at some of the over-the-topness of Buffy, even in the grimmer episodes. It was always escapism at its snarky best.
But this ain’t no metaphor. Abortion and Buffy’s decision to have one brings an unwelcome element of reality into a show we enjoyed for its very lack of the same. It also interjects an unwelcome moral issue that will lead to divisiveness.
Grr, Joss. You have made it very difficult for me to watch by BTVS boxed sets over and over again, knowing now that this is ultimately where you would take the character and her darkness.  Argh.



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